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ERW Pipe Making Machine Image
ERW Pipe Making Machine
Our ERW tube mill is able to produce from 12 to 406 mm with optimal performances and quality.
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HFW Pipe Making Machine Image
HFW Pipe Making Machine
Produce electric welded steel pipe with high precision by adopting a reasonable roll pass.
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Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine Image
Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine
Square Tubes Production Line Image
Square Tubes Production Line
Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machine Image
Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machine
About Company Image
Guangzhou Blue Sky Machine Co., Ltd.
When it comes to steel pipe making equipment, BlueSky’s name and reputation are synonymous with speed, safety and quality. Our complete SS pipe production line can be supplied as an integrated coil system or individually to meet your coil processing ends. BLUE SKY lines are mainly used in the important steel-work service centers to cut coils and in the industries such as automotive, industry for the construction of appliances, in modern tube & pipe and profiling centers for open profiles.
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Blue Sky Machine
GuangZhou, China
Business Type
Factory size
2000-3000 sq mt
Average Annual Revenue
$40M - $60M
Main Markets
Asia 70.00%
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